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In February 2021, FBR Board voted to partner with Granbury Fresh as 'fiscal sponsor'. FBR will accept tax-deductible 501(c)3 donations on behalf of Granbury Fresh to pay legal expenses to fend off a planned WWTP (waste water treatment plant) on Rucker Creek. 
FW Star Telegram article
More information on Granbury Fresh - Rucker Creek WWTP:
Rucker Creek WWTP Discharge vs. Alternatives
Rucker Creek Concerns and Data
Rucker Creek Discharge Route (Maps)


R.I.P., John Graves Memorial

R.I.P., Ed Lowe Memorial

Golden Algae Fish Kill on Granbury Spreads Downriver!

The Brazos River Needs Your Help

A whole river is mountain country and hill country and flat country and swamp and delta country, is rock bottom and sand bottom and weed bottom and mud bottom, is blue, green, red, clear, brown, wide, narrow, fast, slow, clean, and filthy water, is all the kinds of trees and grasses and all the breeds of animals and birds and man that pertain and have ever pertained to its changing shores...

John Graves
Goodbye to a River

John Graves' Memorial

The members of Friends of the Brazos River are concerned about restoring a sound ecological environment to the Brazos, especially between Lakes Possum Kingdom and Whitney. We invite you to join in our efforts... Several years ago, the Brazos River Conservation Coalition, a group of concerned landowners and citizens in North Texas, succeeded in passage of SB-1354 which created the John Graves Scenic Riverway in Parker and Palo Pinto Counties. The FBR seeks to extend those gains by working with the Brazos River Authority and State agencies (TPWD, TRDB, TCEQ) in obtaining minimum instream flows to ensure a healthy and sound ecological environment for the Brazos River, especially upstream of Lake Whitney.

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Friends of the Brazos will:

  • Sponsor river cleanups and habitat restoration programs

  • Work for the passage of legislation beneficial to the Brazos River

  • Strive for increased appreciation and respect for the precious natural resource that is the Brazos River

  • Educate our members and the public about responsibilities of river recreationists. We must work together to find a way to stop litter, trespass, and other irresponsible acts on the Brazos River





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